INSIGHT: Kids have more technology at their fingertips than ever before. While this creates new opportunities to explore and learn, the internet can also be damaging to a child’s innocence, especially surrounding Christmas and other holiday characters. With one simple Google search, children can learn the “truth” about Santa Claus in an instant.

SOLUTION: Google Magic is a new tool that creates a fun learning space for the infinitely curious. This free Chrome plug-in transforms the search engine into the ultimate encyclopedia of Christmas, where kids can get all of their burning questions answered. This software also provides peace of mind for parents looking to better monitor their child’s browsing habits, ensuring they won’t have their innocence shattered by a Google search.

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Google Magic is operated by four “Christmas Experts” who can tell you everything you need to know about the holidays. If a user types a Christmas-related inquiry in the search engine, the right “expert” will appear and transform Google into a safe, engaging learning space for kids.

In the below example, Rudolph flies across the page and takes you straight to the North Pole to tell you more about what reindeer love to eat.



Once you’re in the North Pole, there are no limits to your imagination. You can type in your own question or browse popular inquiries from across the globe. If there’s an “expert” who is better equipped to answer your question, you can easily switch back and for between characters in their area of the North Pole.


Google Magic is easy for parents to use, and its power goes beyond Christmas. Upon instillation, parents get to choose which other holiday characters they would like to teach their kids about. Google Magic can take them to The Tooth Fairy’s castle, the Easter Bunny’s workshop, a leprechaun’s backyard, and beyond.