INSIGHT: Despite its rich, 170-year history, Peroni remains one of the least popular imported beers in the United States. Its absence in popular supermarkets and liquor stores have made it a niche drink in Italian-American communities. With such little brand awareness, Peroni’s marketing fails to make its mark on American culture. 

SOLUTION: Peroni is a proud brand that embraces their traditions and champions those who create their own. “Antica Birreria Peroni”, a historic restaurant and former brewery in Rome, will be recreated for a one-night engagement celebrating the most innovative Italian food in America. The evening’s “Blue Ribbon Chefs” will be chosen by fans through a contest held on Peroni’s website.

“Antica Birreria Peroni” will also feature hand-crafted Peroni cocktails made by brand representatives. The event will be stylized to reflect the rustic textures and warm colors of ancient Rome, with subtle accents of the Peroni Blue Ribbon throughout.



Inspired by rustic beauty of Rome, the Antica Birreria Peroni features elegant, rustic design with accents of the brand’s signature blue ribbon. Winning chefs will be spotlit within the interior, featuring family photos and the legacy behind their winning dish.