Promotion is the board game that teaches young people to navigate the working world. Just like in the “real world,” players have to earn their place in the office by learning new skills, earning respect from colleagues, and maintaining a fair work-life balance. When a player feels they’ve acquired the right amount of experiences, they can attempt an interview with The Big Boss for a chance to land their dream promotion.

Created with Shelby Bass and Haley Schrenk


This is much more than a game.

Promotion is a game designed to address key issues women face in their careers. Situation Cards are intentionally written about problems like sexual harassment, gender discrimination and the wage gap.

Promotion also ignites important conversations about navigating difficult workplace situations. Players often make choices in the game based on their own experiences at past jobs. It is strongly encouraged that gameplay be paused to have these conversations.

Promotion is currently being play tested by people of all ages and genders. So far, 10 out of 10 players have enjoyed their experience! Keep an eye out for future updates from our game.